Jungle book - Work in progress


I am a graduate scenic art student with a BA Degree in Production Art & Design from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Click here to see my graduating portfolio.

I am based in Scotland although happy to travel for work. I have had 3 years working experience n this industry and I have worked in many stage and screen scenarios such as; 

 'Man and Witch' - a nostalgic film celebrating and incorporating the works of Jim Henson.

 'Keepers of the Light' - a commemorative theatrical production touring around Scotlands historic landmarks.

“Scenic Art is a specialism that encompasses all types of applied arts, including the freedom to use an unlimited range of materials to interpret and bring designers dreams and visions into reality. This ever-changing skill set makes this profession a creative adventurer’s dream.

I love working on large scale projects — like large cloths or huge set pieces — this allows the most freedom and expression when it comes to applying paints and textures, I also find a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when completed as they are so much more visually dynamic and impressive.”

-Kate Thwaites

I enjoy working in a collaborative team or completely independently.

Photographed by RCS official